In 1920, Robert J. Flaherty shot the first major documentary film in the history of cinema in the region north of Hudson Bay. Nanook of the North became an instant worldwide success and cult movie. Shirley Anne Hofmann combines her instrumental "universe" (euphonium, pocket trumpet, tuba, accordion and voice with live sampling techniques and brings a new and ingenious dimension to Flaherty's unforgettable images. A musical and cinematographical happening!

"Unpretentious. An imaginary 'Eskimo' folk music."  Neue Z├╝rcher Zeitung

"Her musical playfulness gives us a feeling of deeply felt 'Joie de vivre' Aargauer Zeitung

"Particularly moving." L'Express

"I love bizarre singing styles. Yodeling. I love that Swiss woman Shirley Anne Hofmann."

Matt Groening, Zurcher Tagesanzeiger