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Hard-core aficionados of Fellini film music composer Nino Rota, Ben Jeger and Shirley Hofmann pay their own tribute to this master of chromatic tonal shifts and quirky « Farfisa » jazz. Both film and theatre music composers in their own right, Hofmann and Jeger are the antithesis of electro music yet they manage to remain unquestionably modern. With toy piano, garden hose, euphonium, musical saw, bass accordion and the Solothurn Workers Union Marching Band Bass Drum, Jeger and Hofmann’s compositions whisk us away to the Fellini world of bizarre characters and thick moustaches; of walzes (no less than 12 in their program) and things that are (mostly but not always) warm, cozy and round.

In Fellini’s film Ginger and Fred, Giulietta Masina and Marcello Mastroianni play a 1940’s dance duo who make their comeback into a Berlusconian commercial, television world.

Jeger (who tags himself as the « Professor of Sad Walzes»!) and Hofmann blend their (combined!) 80 years of performing experience into an elixir that goes...

... straight to the heart!

Ginger and Fred with « the inventor » - Stefan Heuss                         Stören - Kultur - Nacht     Solothurn

 Shirley Hofmann