Shirley Hofmann
Ginger and Fred: 
Duo featuring Shirley Hofmann and Ben Jeger 
Jeger and Hofmann’s compositions whisk us away to the Fellini world of bizarre characters, thick mustaches and waltzes...Ginger_and_Fred.htmlGinger_and_Fred.htmlshapeimage_9_link_0
Nanook of the North:
featuring Shirley Hofmann : euphonium,
trumpet, tuba, accordion, voice, percussion and electronics

Shirley Hofmann performs her own, minutiosly composed live soundtrack of original music to the legendary film by Robert FlahertyNanook.htmlNanook.html
Euphoria Live!
featuring Shirley Hofmann: euphonium, trumpet, tuba, 
vocals, accordion, and loops.

Marching bands, Hollywood,  Bohemian polkas,  jazz and classical. Given this sort of debut to her musical career, it seemed quite clear that Shirley could not follow the straight and narrow path.
“Absolutely wild...New  folklore for the global village.”     -     JazzthingEuphoria_Live.htmlEuphoria_Live.htmlshapeimage_11_link_0