About Shirley Hofmann
New  folklore for the global village

Growing up during the sixties near Ottawa, Canada, Shirley Anne Hofmann was exposed to  a bizzare mixture of classical, big band jazz, Hollywood and polka music. Her passion for  brass music is owed to her immigrant father, a music teacher and trumpet player from Bohemia (former Czekoslovakia), bringing with him  an innate tradition of  Bohemian brass band music. 

After completing her music studies at McGill University in Montreal, Hofmann moved to Constance, Germany, performing with her own group Fish Shop Girls as well as with the wild avant-garde German dada cult band « The Blech ». 

Based in Switzerland since 1996, she has joined the eclectic Swiss music scene collaborating with musicians, actors, dancers, composing music for the theater and cinema. She is the founder of her own record label « LabelUsineS » and has three solo albums to her credit. Her first CD « From the Depths » was named CD of the Year by the german jazz magazine Jazzthetik. Her second CD « AlpTraum »brought her to the International Alpine festival « Alpentoene ». She has performed at festivals  and cultural centers throughout Europe and shared the stage with the Swiss duo « Stimmhorn » ,jazz jodel singer Erika Stucky, the eccentric Austrian brass group, « Mnozil Brass » as well as the « Kocani Orkester » from Macedonia and collaborated with the slovenian  accordionist Bratko Bibic (Accordion Tribe). Several of her compositions have been released by international labels such as « Uknown Public » in London, and Kein and Aber publishers in Zurich for their colletion of children’s songs for the  Winnie the Pooh stories.
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